It is easier than ever for members to live the “Solar Life.”


SECO Energy is offering members exclusive access to a brand new Cooperative Solar Project* – a large-scale solar array under construction and scheduled to be operational in 2017. SECO’s “Solar Life” initiative is perfect for members who want to live a greener lifestyle – but don’t want the hassle or expense of installing a rooftop solar array.


Living the “Solar Life” requires no upfront investment in panels, no roof holes, no insurance and no maintenance costs. No need to worry about HOA or zoning restrictions. And no need to cut down trees to allow a rooftop solar system to produce at full capacity. Subscriptions in the “Solar Life” program carry no cancellation fee and no minimum term.

SECO Energy Solar Life, The hassle free green choice
Live the Solar Life with No Upfront Investment

No Upfront Investment

Live the Solar Life with No Maintenance Cost

No Maintenance Cost

Live the Solar Life with No Cancellation Fee

No Cancellation Fee

Live the Solar Life with No Roof Holes

No Roof Holes

Live the Solar Life with No HOA or Zoning Restrictions

No HOA or Zoning Restrictions

Live the Solar Life with No Minimum Term

No Minimum Term

Live the Solar Life with No Extra Insurance

No Extra Insurance

Live the Solar Life with No Need to Cut Down Trees

No Need to Cut Down Trees

Live the Solar Life with No Hassle

No Hassle

SECO Energy Solar Life Program, Four Panels for $32 per month. Sign up today!

Sign Up Today – Live the Solar Life


Members who subscribe will pay a flat monthly fee of $32 that represents the fixed costs associated with four panels. The members’ utility-supplied power cost will be offset by the monthly output of four panels of the 2 megawatt array. Four panels equal about 1.1 KW of production capacity – note the Solar Life credit and fee in this sample bill.  


SECO will send subscribers a program welcome kit and a window cling to show neighbors and friends that you are living the “Solar Life” with SECO Energy.


Panel subscriptions are first-come, first-served. If demand outweighs panel availability, interested members will be placed on a waiting list in anticipation of another large-scale solar project.


Still have questions about the Solar Life program? Look for answers on our frequently asked questions section. You can also fill out the “Questions About Solar Power” form, at the bottom of this page, and a member of our Energy Services team will contact you.

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Member Generation

SECO is an advocate for members who invest in solar energy. We will conduct a free evaluation of a home’s conduciveness to solar. Members can use our Solar Estimator to gauge the percentage of utility-supplied energy that may be offset by an investment in solar. Utility-scale solar costs have decreased, but solar power is not a money-saver, as traditional generation must stand ready to produce power.


Meters, lines, poles, transformers, substations and peak time power supply still serve solar members when the sun doesn’t shine… at night, on cloudy days, during hot summer afternoons during storm season and on cold winter mornings before sunrise. Solar energy users still expect full-time, reliable electricity to be able to run their ACs, cook dinner and power their electronic gadgets in the absence of sunlight.


To request a free evaluation of your home’s conduciveness to solar, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


SECO Energy, Solar power
SECO Energy, Solar power

Federal Correctional Complex Solar Project

The solar project between the Federal Correctional Complex (FCC) in Coleman, Constellation, SECO Energy and Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. broke ground recently. With site evaluation and the interconnect agreement in place, the beginning phases of construction are in full swing.


Constellation was awarded the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) contract earlier in 2015 to implement $45 million in water and energy conservation measures at FCC. The firm has begun to install a 2-megawatt solar generation project on the site. Constellation estimates that the system will generate more than 3.7 million kilowatt hours annually to offset the FCC’s energy usage. Together, these measures are anticipated by the BOP to save the facility $79 million in energy costs over the next 19 years, helping to fund the project.

Questions About Solar Power?

Are you interested in learning more about solar power or requesting a free evaluation of your home’s conduciveness to solar? Fill out the form below and a member of our Energy Services team will be in touch with you soon.