SECO Energy partners with a variety of reputable contractors who are experts in their fields and are foundational cornerstones to our ability to provide reliable power to you at a low cost with outstanding service. We expect these partners to treat our members as they would their very own consumers.

Since 2005, ACRT has been SECO’s Forestry Planning Contractor; their objective is to help power companies provide safe and reliable electric service. ACRT supports vegetation management programs on more than 750,000 miles of transmission and distribution rights-of-way.

Nelson Tree Service has provided SECO with line clearance and removal services since 2007. Nelson’s dedicated professionals and superior equipment ensure that every job is completed safely and correctly.

EDKO, LLC provides SECO with herbicide application services along SECO’s right of way. EDKO applies herbicide in accordance with all local, state and federal laws and regulations.

SECO Energy, Tommy’s Hauling

Tommy’s Hauling is an approved contractor that provides various debris hauling and removal services to SECO.

Marion Tree Trimming is an approved contractor that provides various debris hauling and removal services to SECO.

Pike Electric, Inc. performs all facets of overhead distribution line work within SECO’s service territory. This includes constructing new lines, relocating existing lines, system improvements and power restoration. Pike has provided these services to SECO since 2005.

Ivy H. Smith Company has provided quality underground construction services to SECO since 2003. Services provided include installation of underground lines and equipment for new members and maintenance of existing underground equipment such as replacing transformers, cabinets and underground cable.

SECO partners with Osmose to perform ground-line inspections of distribution poles on an eight-year cycle. The inspection includes sound and bore tests, as well as excavation of poles for treatment. Any poles that do not pass the ground-line inspection are replaced or retired if the facilities are no longer needed.

SECO began a voluntary eight-year inspection cycle of underground facilities in 2007. Since that time SECO has utilized Transformer Maintenance Services (TMS) to perform the inspection. TMS identifies any maintenance required on underground transformers, cabinets and secondary enclosures.