SECO’s Board of Trustees are members who live and work in SECO’s service territory, they are elected to oversee the governance of the cooperative.  The Board is elected, by the members, from the general membership of the cooperative.  Collectively, they are responsible for establishing, reviewing, and revising corporate policies to ensure that SECO continues to keep service to the membership foremost in mind, while maintaining a stable, yet competitive position in the industry.

Ray Vick,

District 5 Trustee
Member since: 1974
Years of Board Service: 35
Resides in: Inverness

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Jerry D. Hatfield,
Vice President

District 9 Trustee
Member since: 1970
Years of Board Service: 15
Resides in: Umatilla

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Robin Henion,

District 7 Trustee
Member since: 2002
Years of Board Service: 6
Resides in: Dunnellon

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Scott Boyatt

District 1 Trustee
Member since: 2004
Years of Board Service: 2
Resides in: Clermont

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Dillard Boyatt

District 2 Trustee
Member since: 1978
Years of Board Service: 25
Resides in: Bushnell

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Richard Belles

District 3 Trustee
Member since: 2001
Years of Board Service: 2
Resides in: The Villages

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Richard Dennison

District 4 Trustee
Member since: 1999
Years of Board Service: since June 2015
Resides in: Ocala

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Earl Muffett

District 6 Trustee
Member since: 1979
Years of Board Service: 25
Resides in: Summerfield

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William James

District 8 Trustee
Member since: 2005
Years of Board Service: 5
Resides in: Leesburg

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District Map

SECO’s service territory is divided into nine Districts.  Each District has a member-elected Trustee.

SECO Energy District Map