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Our goal is to provide outstanding service at reasonable rates while strengthening the financial condition of the Cooperative.

Sumter Electric, commonly known as SECO Energy, was founded in 1938. It is one of the largest electric distribution cooperatives in the nation, serving homes and businesses in seven counties of Central Florida. We are owned by the people we serve. SECO’s conservative approach to doing business pays dividends for the members and keeps the focus on providing excellent service to all.

We know that good service is extremely important. We know that our members expect their Co-op to be operated in a thoughtful and fiscally responsible fashion and our members expect us to be a good neighbor. We know this because we’re local, we care, and we have the very valuable input of our owners.

SECO, and nine other distribution cooperatives in Florida, own and purchase power from Seminole Electric Cooperative. SECO Energy is one of the Touchstone Energy® cooperatives, a nationwide branding alliance that compliments the local connection cooperatives have with their member-owners while providing the resources of a vast, integrated network of cooperatives. It’s a commitment to our customers that they can continue to count on us, as a locally based and controlled utility to deliver innovative, reliable, affordable energy services and to be an advocate for their energy and community needs.

Our CEO Jim Duncan had this to say about Touchstone Energy®: “In joining Touchstone Energy we also gain the ability to be an even more effective advocate for our member-owners. All of the customer-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperatives in our nation have been appalled at what has happened to the average ratepayer due to the greed and malfeasance of the large power marketers like Enron and ill advised legislation and regulation being proposed in Washington and elsewhere. The unified message from 600+ cooperatives across the nation will certainly assist SECO in amplifying its voice and efforts on behalf of its members. That’s important because it is the electric cooperatives that have always put the consumer first and it will likely be the cooperatives that bring sanity to efforts to change the electric utility industry.”

Other affiliates include the Florida Electric Cooperatives Association, (FECA) located in Tallahassee, Florida, the National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association, (NRECA) in Washington, DC.

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